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Nicholasville University offers online degree, diploma and certificate programs in 16 professional schools which are fully accredited from leading international and regional accreditation bodies. Our highly affordable, flexible and convenient online programs are designed to easily fit your busy lifestyle. Our curriculum is carefully designed by qualified faculty members and industry experts to ensure students and working adults improve their skills for current job, qualify for better employment, start a new career and improve their earning potential.

Our aim is to educate and train individuals for a high profile career in their respective fields. We produce professionals are better able to reach big career opportunities.

Professional Schools

Nicholasville Business and Management Nicholasville School of Engineering Nicholasville School of Computer science Nicholasville School of Nursing Nicholasville Law and Legal studies Nicholasville School of Psychology


Nicholasville University is one of the most comprehensive online universities, offering online education in 16 diverse schools with over 100 major courses. Following is a list of our renowned schools.


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