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Academic Programs

Nicholasville University is globally reputed and recognized by leading accreditation bodies, educational institutes, councils and employers. We offer a vast range of degree, diploma and certificate programs. Our online academic programs are designed to ensure students gain in depth understanding of their chosen field and practical skills to move their career forward. We aim to provide students and working adults the academic credentials which are required by leading employers to acquire senior managerial and leadership positions in diverse industries.

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Degree Programs

Nicholasville University offers a wide range of online degree programs to choose from, from Associate’s degrees to PhDs, students can choose any program which suits their needs and interest. Learn More

  • Associate's Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree
  • PhD Degree

Diploma Programs

Nicholasville University’s online diploma programs are designed according to current industry demands and skill requirements to ensure that students are career ready. Learn More

  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma

Certificate Programs

Nicholasville University’s online certificate programs are designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge for an immediate impact on their employers, enhance professional profile, improve career opportunities and put them on the right track to achieve career success. Learn More

  • Undergraduate Course
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate Course
  • Graduate

100% Online Programs

Academic Programs offered at Nicholasville University help students gain the skill to advance and succeed in their career. Nicholasville is a student-centric university, delivering 100% online education through world class online education management system. More than 88% Percent Nicholasville University graduates say that their education has had a direct impact on their job performance and career.


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