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More than 96% of the students receive scholarships to meet the education expense.

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International Faculty

Nicholasville University is a top ranked university globally because of its faculty members who have extensive knowledge, experience and industry expertise. Our faculty member consists of senior managers, leaders, academic scholars, researchers, consultant, lecturers and experts. Our faculty members come from all over the world, bringing an international perspective and outlook for students to help them gain a better understanding of their respective subject area.

Our esteemed faculty members provide personal attention and support to meet your educational goals. Our faculty is committed to work with you from the first day till you graduate. Even after graduation, alumni can remain in touch with their faculty members for career guidance and academic support.

Faculty Testimonials

  • "The online program provides me the flexibility to write my own study plan and, at the same time, builds the self-discipline necessary to execute the plan. As such, I feel much more responsible for learning course material in an online setting."

    Sophie Frances, School of Education

  • "Teaching in an online environment has required that I really consider how to engage students from a distance. This has meant looking at user-friendly technologies for both me and my students, evaluating the appropriateness of traditional pedagogy, and looking at learning from the online students' perspective. "

    Joyner David, School of Psychology

  • The results have been a pleasant surprise in that engaged students do a great job in class, they report getting to know their classmates at least as well as they did in the traditional classroom, and I feel that same student-teacher connection that I've enjoyed in online teaching. As an added benefit, I've noticed that my in-class teaching has improved as a result of the online course development and delivery.

    Donald Wales, School of Computer Science

  • Instructors teaching online courses tend to be those leading-edge teachers that really value teaching and student learning. They spend a lot of time considering the best ways to make your online learning experience as engaging and effective as possible. We online instructors also talk to each other to learn those 'best practices' that help to make our online courses as effective as possible. You can't beat the convenience factor, and given the numerous technologies available today, you will most likely find that your teacher is as available as any in a traditional classroom...a real win-win for everybody!

    Lira Ralph, School of Political Science

  • Upon entering their professions, our graduates will have demonstrated the skills that place them at the competitive edge in the workplace; and, by performing academic service-learning, they will show themselves to be responsible, valued citizens.

    Ralph Simster, School of Engineering


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