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Nicholasville University alumni members are diverse, talented, innovated, cultured and connected with each other. We also encourage our alumni to share their learning experience, career growth and accomplishments. Our alumni members thrive to maintain the relationship with new students to help them at all levels. Lifelong friendships, the collaborative community, and global connections are some of the key benefits of becoming a Nicholasville alumni member.

These are some of the few notable success stories of our alumni.

  • "I had friends at other local colleges bragging about how easy college was. I was the opposite. I complained about how hard college was. Nicholasville University pushed me to the edge, towards my potential, and then asked me to turn around, go back, and do it again. Fifteen years later , I thank Nicholasville for preparing me with the ironclad determination that they knew would be needed for my successful, fun, and amazing journey in my very progressive career in IT."

    Undergraduate Student, Computer Engineering Technology, 2001

  • "Although the Program was entirely Online it was rather challenging. I had to spend many a night studying and doing assignments. The Professors were rather responsive to your question even though they were online. As far as the administrative and financial aspects were concerned they were all seamless. The tuition was affordable. Overall it was a rather good experience."

    Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering, 2015

  • "Nicholasville has given me a competitive advantage that I'm not sure I could have got anywhere else. I learned so much in their Master's program and combined with having it on my resume has put me light years ahead of the competition. My focus has been on the writing side of cyber security projects and Nicholasville helped me solidify that. I would not be where I am today, career wise if it was not for their online Master's program in Cyber Security. Good job Nicholasville and all of the faculty members who make the program a true success."

    Masters Student, Information Technology, 2008

  • "Using my research abilities and findings, I was immediately able to apply my research to my work and personal interests."

    Master of Public Administration, Class of 2012

  • "The history along with the willingness of the staff and student participation is something that makes a Nicholasville student accepted by employers worldwide"

    Master of Public Administration, Class of 2010

  • "I think the most unique part about Nicholasville is the people. The faculty are outstanding."

    Master of Business Administration, Class of 2009

  • "I distinctly recall my first graduate course with Nicholasville University. I graduated in 2008 with a MS in Network Security and certainly cherished my time at Nicholasville. Last year, I decided to pursue a Doctorate and thankfully, I was accepted to Nicholasville University’s Doctoral Program in Cyber security. The decision to go back was an easy one given the quality of instruction I experienced at the graduate level."

    Graduate Student, Network Security, 2008


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